AIS – Changes in the Way We Program Applications on a Windows Platform

AIS is American Industrial Systems Incorporated. American Industrial Systems Incorporated has been an awesome influence with the introduction of its Flat Panel PCs into industry. American Industrial Systems Inc. is an ever evolving technology company providing valuable benefits to their clients through cutting-edge industrial computing system technology. They stand out in the technology industry due to their contributions they are making to the industrial world of manufacturing on all fronts. These contributions have transformed the way in which applications are programmed on a Windows platform. These changes have brought great updates to Windows, keeping them competitive in the industry.

A Trusted Platform

The coming together of information technology (IT) and operational technology is the very thing that can help to increase the presence of operational intelligence for businesses. This goal is achieved by using a company’s existing form of IT infrastructure and any industry devices that are capable of securing the process of sending and receiving data that comes directly from back-end systems.

The AIS HMI Intelligent System working for a company is a trusted platform that is compatible with all factories, manufacturing, and processing an organizations data. This means from all devices that range from the edge of your specific network, to key developer tools and specifically services to back-end systems. AIS is making great changes in the way we program applications on a Windows platform by making it fully compatible with any embedded Windows operating systems.

Touch Panel Computers

Touch panel computers are unique because you only need this one specific platform – and that’s it. The only thing that an organization needs is a single one touch panel computer. This one platform is utilized for all micro applications which are associated with HMI terminals and any medium to large applications for manufacturing plants.
Overview of the Performance of AIS HMI Intelligent Systems
The AIS HMI Intelligent System is equipped with 3rd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors that deliver high quality performance with computer a output which is ultra-low power. This energy-efficient technology is buried within the hardware, to ensure top of the line power efficiency which is optimal and totally independent from the other operating system.

AIS Panel Computers are Efficient

The AIS Panel Computers are capable of doing it all. They provide communication between back-end systems along with all existing devices. They can be fully optimized to any information that is collected or sent out. Due to the presence of the embedded Windows family of operating system, they are capable of Sky Drive, and attaining record high rates of connectivity. This is true for any kind of access. Access either for, access to the files on your hard drive from anywhere when needed or if they are up in the Cloud somewhere. Another valuable aspect of the AIS Panel Computer is that it is capable of taking care of securing as well as protecting the devices data and information from any form of unwanted or unauthorized access.

ASISP Explained, Software Development by Independent Sources

AISIP (Association of Independent Software Industry Professionals) is one of the leading communities when it comes to software development by independent sources. When you’re working on your own you don’t have the upper hand that some of the larger developmental organizations do, and that’s why being a member of AISIP can be so beneficial. Not only are you able to make use of the web forums, which is a fantastic place to discuss anything related to independent software development, but you also get to build connections and network with some of the best talent in the industry.

AISIP is trying to make sure that our members are able to respect themselves and the projects that others work on, and we do this through more than one type of media. Sure there’s discussions on the web forum that are going to peak your interest, but that’s only the beginning of what we have to offer.

Using a Windows VPS to Code Software

Coding software isn’t easy by any means, and if you’re in the field yourself you’re probably already aware of how many things can go wrong with a piece of code. I know that I’ve been in a few different places where I wasn’t able to code to the best of my abilities, but it wasn’t due to my state of mind, it was actually due to my technology. Since it’s 2014 it’s not that farfetched to assume that most of the world is making use of smart devices and such these days, and that means that computers are becoming more and more popular (as well as powerful). Now even though you don’t necessarily need a powerful computer to code software it’s always recommended, you don’t want to have to restart a project because your computer froze midway through and you weren’t able to save. A Windows VPS is going to be a major asset to those planning one coding software, and you might not think that this is a fact right now, but we’ll delve into that a little bit more as we move along.

Coding environments need not be cluttered, you should try and keep an open concept because you’re a product of your environment (in any case). If you can’t think straight you can’t code straight, and can you imagine trying to think properly when you’re trapped in a cluttered workspace? I don’t even want to try and think about that one, so I’ll recommend to you something I usually tell ambitious coders; get into a Windows VPS to code software. You can rent out a VPS (or even build your own) for relatively cheap, and it gives you a stable environment to manage all of your files and coding projects as you’d like. How many times are you going to deal with desktop computer problems while you’re coding before a change is made? It took me about 5 different occasions where I found myself refurbishing damaged code to make me get into Windows VPS’s, but you can bet that I am I glad I did it.

You’ll have a dedicated server that’s strictly for your developmental purposes, so you don’t have to worry about the physical portion failing you like a regular computer could. You also have the ability to connect to your VPS with any device that you feel fit, so you’re not limited to coding on one computer. Your files and all of the data that you need for your projects is going to be stored on the Windows VPS as well, which means backing up your files and taking safety precautions like that are relatively obsolete.

Is There Something Wrong With It?

The only true con I can think about when it comes to coding software through the use of a Windows VPS is the fact that you need to be connected to the internet in order to code (well, if you want coding that’s going to be saved in the right place and at the right time that is). You can also share your work with whoever you’d like since everything is available on your VPS, all you have to do is give them the network credentials and they should be able to figure out the rest. Clients who are very picky and demand that they see the work being done on a consistent basis will be pleased with this, because they’ll be able to check in on their project whenever they’d like (instead of having to hound you about it every single chance they get!). You can even share the projects with your partner or co-worker if you happen to be collaborating on something, which is actually quite common in this line of work.

You’re doing all of your activities on a remote machine, so you don’t need to have a powerful CPU when you’re working with a Windows VPS. Everything is being handled by the remote machine as opposed to the device you’ve actually got in your hands, and if that isn’t innovative (and just plain cool) I don’t know what will be. It’s just so efficient that not using a Windows VPS for coding purposes is just asinine, and I use that big word because it’s a big mistake! Don’t just take my advice, go out and see if it’d be a good fit for you (I can almost guarantee you that it will be).


When you’re a part of the AISIP (Association of Independent Software Industry Professionals) you’re entitled to a wealth of knowledge that others won’t have the privilege of using, and when it comes to VPS’s the knowledge the association has to offer is actually quite amazing. If there’s one thing the association is dedicated to its providing their members with the right platforms to make some money, and making use of a cheap (yet powerful) VPS that uses SSD’s (solid state drives) over weaker equipment will do wonders for your financial standing. A VPS allows you to develop your software independently and at will, but when you incorporate SSD’s into the mix you start to build a VPS that’s worth the price you’ve paid. Speed is important when you’re deep into developing with a VPS, because the quicker you’re able to develop on it, the quicker you can handle jobs (and as a result the more money you’ll be able to bring in). There are also benefits regarding the client when you use SSD’s, because a quick cloud server VPS will allow you to show them their project while it’s being worked on with ease. Every client you’ve ever worked with would love a project handled with speed, just make sure you don’t try to handle it too quickly (because you’re bound to make some mistakes).

SSD’s have always been considered pricey, but just like everything else their expensive price tag seems to be going lower and lower and the years sneak by. It reminds me of RAM in a sense, because I remember back in the day when RAM was incredibly expensive (and that wasn’t even for a GB worth of it, it was absolute heresy!). Cheap SSD VPS’s that are going to be used for developmental reasons are out there, you just have to figure out which company or service is reputable enough to trust (or you could just take it upon yourself to build one of your own!). AISIP recommends using the cheapest VPS you can possibly create, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have a low-quality one. There are tons of different builds and set-ups that can bring you a great speed for a low price, but the forums are for members only (and members only share their set-ups within the confined crypts of the AISIP website).

If there weren’t speedy Cheap VPS out there today we wouldn’t even realize how quickly a computer can handle executions, so that’s one thing we should be grateful for. We are used to having the fastest internet paired with the best graphics cards and a ton of ram for our modern computer rigs, and now VPS’s are catching up in that regard. VPS’s are no longer too pricey for the average consumer, so even the smallest budgets in the world should be able to find a reasonable SSD VPS on a monthly basis. It’s tips like these that make AISIP one of my most cherished web sites, and I guess the connections I’ve managed to make on the forums is a great treat as well.